Lancaster Mobile Veterinary Van – 2014 Sprinter

The P*A*W*S Mobile Van

P*A*W*S is housed in a state-of-the-art 24-foot Freightliner Sprinter retrofitted by La Boit Specialty Vehicles, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio.

Some of her features include:

  • Air conditioning & heat
  • Rear auxiliary heating
  • Navigation & backup camera
  • Stainless steel cages
  • Exam area
  • Separate surgical suite
  • Engler dental scaler and polisher
  • Anesco anesthesia machine
  • Gaymar circulating water heating blanket
  • Midmark autoclave for instrument sterilization
  • Technidyne digital walk-on scale
  • Tanita pediatric scale
  • SurgiVet electrocardiogram and pulse oximeter monitor
  • HDO Vet blood pressure monitor
  • Tono-Pen Avia Vet tonometer
  • Nikon microscope
  • Triac centrifuge for spinning blood and urine samples
  • Lenovo laptop computer
  • Dell wireless laser printer
  • Wireless internet, faxing, and credit card processing capabilities
  • Small on-board pharmacy with access to a full-service pharmacy that delivers medication and food to the clients’ homes
  • Access to a full-service veterinary laboratory

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