End of Life

End of Life

“A week too early is better than a day too late”

The Biggest Mistake Pet Owners Make at the End by Jessica Vogelsang, The Huffington Post

How to Say Good-Bye by Dr. Andy Roarke, DVM, MS; vetSTREET

How to Tell if Your Dog is in Pain & How to Tell if Your Cat is in Pain handouts–AAHA

Feline Quality of Life Scale–Dr. Alice Villalobos

Canine Quality of Life Scale–Dr. Alice Villalobos

The Process of Pet Euthanasia–by Jenna Stregowki, RVT; The Spruce

Euthanasia…What to Expect–by T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM, PetMD

Allied Veterinary Cremation–this is the cremation service that P*A*W*S works with. They offer private cremations with return of ashes in a carved wooden urn or communal cremations. They also sell memorial products on their site.

Coping with the Loss of a Pet–AVMA

Pet Loss Support Hotline–Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine